Robert P. Wong

Robert P. Wong joined Chapman, Spira & Carson LLC, an Investment Banking Consulting Company in March of 2003 as a Senior Managing Director. Prior to joining Chapman, Spira & Carson, he was the President as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Ergonomics Technologies Corp. While at Ergonomics Technologies Corp where he refined their business model and completed equity funding and then with the proceeds, implemented the business plan which incorporated the new business model. This involved a unique automation of the company’s engineering offerings and delivery these services through an “intelligent” Web portal (patent pending) on a worldwide basis. Mr. Wong also served as the Vice-Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer of BCAM, a publicly traded company. Prior thereto, he was a founder and Chief Executive Officer of several technology companies including Ultrasonic Research, Inc., Sound Water Systems, Inc., Medix Technologies, Inc. and Uri-Thermix, Inc. (a publicly traded company).

For twelve years Mr. Wong was one of the principals involved in building Coordinated Apparel, Inc., a manufacturer, designer and distributor of boy’s clothing. When Mr. Wong arrived at Coordinated, their sales were $14 million dollars a year. When he left, sales had risen to $200 million-plus.

Moreover, Coordinated Apparel successfully invested its excess cash into several high tech ventures, several of them were successful. In addition, he was the president of several of Coordinated Apparel’s Information Technology companies. After graduation from MIT, he held various technical positions with Western Electric, Inc. (a former subsidiary of AT&T now known as Lucent Technologies, Inc.) including Department Chief of computer software development. Mr. Wong holds a SB in Electrical Engineering and a SB in Industrial Management from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the co-inventor of several patents and he is uniquely capable of analyzing and arranging strategic partnerships, authoring workable business models, managing companies with emerging technologies, developing sophisticated intellectual property, raising money while having a thorough working knowledge of GAAP, taxation and corporate structuring. Moreover, Mr. Wong has been a successful investor in numerous early stage companies.