Life is a stage and we are its players. As Oscar Wilde once said, “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” Entertainment is meant to transport us into a land of fantasy where role-playing replaces our own reality. Movies and plays convey us from the everyday drudgery of our own lives and for several short hours make us believe that we are no longer who we really are. As an economy we are paying billions dollars for this drugless hallucination.

This teleportation from our lives has become an enormous industry, and those that can make us believe that we have been truly elevated into another and finer dimension for even the shortest of time are akin to great painters or practiced surgeons, performing their art with infinite precision. However, behind every actor there are gifted writers, talented choreographers, trained cosmeticians and world class cinematographers along with the actual practiced performers to help us leave this arena and transport us into the world of illusion for even the shortest excursion.

In this country we are spending almost 10 hours per adult day in the and 68 hours per week, being entertained by others, be it by becoming immersed in television, listening to the radio, fiddling with Internet, reading the newspaper or watching movies. Obviously the amount being spent on these pursuits has risen dramatically as the middle class has become more economically comfortable.

Obviously the entertainment industry plays a very important role in the lives of almost all of us no matter which walk of life and what education level we have attained. Principals of Chapman Spira and Carson LLC being cognizant of the vital importance of this industry during one period of time had invested in or arranged financing for, six of the top ten grossing movies in American history. Moreover, we are continuously reviewing the investments in Broadway plays, new television concepts or stations, along with radio and other media including emerging sports such as Lacrosse, rowing, gymnastics and others. While entertainment media’s demographics continue to shift radically at a more prodigious rate than anytime in history due to the enormous impact of high-speed internet, we are constantly monitoring the shifting economic effect on all phases of the ever evolving media industry.

With innovations such as pay to play radio, the Googalization of our culture and the re-allocation of marketing dollars away from historically predictable facets of the entertainment industry, the economic migration is a geometrically escalating phenomena. Chapman stands ready to assist our clientele in evaluating investment opportunities in emerging media and will assist in financing projects that we believe are top-of-the-line.